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CanadaMark Diamonds - Ethical Diamonds

June Update : Please note that we are currently awaiting the re-opening of CanadaMark offices following the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of our process, reserved diamonds receive their CanadaMark inscription. Please keep an eye on this page for updates. Please contact us to purchase diamonds in advance of the inscription and CanadaMark registration process which will resume shortly. 

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Choose your preferred diamond, select the GIA certificate —save to your device and forward by email to confirm your choice. 

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What are ethical Diamonds?

Ethical Diamonds go way beyond conflict-free. A truly ethical Diamond should be 100% traceable and part of a system that gives rock-solid proof that nobody in the supply chain has been adversely affected by the journey of the Diamond from the mine through to the end buyer. Furthermore, ethical Diamonds should help to improve the lives of those working within the supply chain and do no harm to the surrounding environment. 

New look CanadaMark card for diamonds

Our listed CanadaMark diamonds now include the new look CanadaMark card. Shown below, each card features detailed information relating to the diamond. For example, the rough diamond weight, serial number, origin and polished diamond weight. 

For trade clients, we can provide additional photographic support relating to CanadaMark diamonds. Please contact us for help. 

Introducing ethical CanadaMark Diamonds

We are UK suppliers of CanadaMark Diamonds. We carry a selection of GIA certified Diamonds, all CanadaMark™ hallmarked with details of where the each Diamond originated. Please contact us for details of our current stock and a list of available Diamonds.  

What are CanadaMark Diamonds?

The CanadaMark™ hallmark program is a strategic initiative of Dominion Diamond Corporation to assure the integrity of the supply chain of Canadian Diamonds from mine to the retailer. It gives the end consumer of Diamond jewellery confidence in the origin and history of their polished Diamond. This unique number can be entered online to verify the Diamond's authenticity and origin. You will need your serial number and polished Diamond weight. 

Engagement Ring settings for CanadaMark Diamonds

Your CanadaMark Diamond can be set into one of our Engagement Ring designs. Please see our dedicated information page on traceable diamond engagement rings for additional guidance. 

Every CanadaMark Diamond comes with the reassurance that it is :

  • Responsibly mined in Canada
  • Natural and untreated
  • Traceable to the mine
  • Meets specific quality standards

At Serendipity Diamonds we are actively engaged in establishing fully traceable supply chains for Diamonds from the mine to the final product.

 As part of our service we can provide traceable CanadaMark Diamonds originating from the Ekati and Diavik mines in Canada. 

Are CanadaMark Diamonds ethical Diamonds?

Yes, absolutely. In addition, Canadamark Diamonds offer the only 100% traceable system for ensuring your Diamond is completely ethically sourced. Even Diamond under the Forevermark brand by DeBeers do not give assurance of where precisely a Diamond originated. 

CanadaMark cards and CanadaMark inscriptions

Fully traceable Diamonds provide the consumer with a documented information on the origin of their Diamond. Each Diamond carried authenticated information on where the Diamond was originally mined. All of our Diamonds are conflict free which is noted on each invoiced Diamond product. Fully traceable Diamonds give the consumer the additional information relating to where the Diamond was mined. Although supply is limited, we can provide a wide range of Diamond shapes, sizes, colours and clarities with fully traceable credentials.

We receive varying goods in different Diamond shapes, colours, clarities and sizes depending on availability. Please contact us with any specific requirements.

Certified CanadaMark Diamonds for Sale

The following certified diamonds are updated on a weekly basis. We list each diamond's selling price in £GBP. Please reference the diamond you wish to purchase. Email us your choice and we will then confirm availability and confirm your details to prepare the purchase. 

Please note the following requirements before making your purchase. Diamonds are all listed excluding VAT in the UK. All diamonds are purchased to order and shipped in directly from the polisher. All of the following prices include CanadaMark laser inscription and Origin Card. All diamonds include the GIA certificate number and CanadaMark number on the girdle of the stone. Please allow 7-10 days for your diamond to be shipped once we confirm your order. 

If you are based outside the UK, please contact us for a quote in your local currency including shipping and duty. 

View CanadaMark certifed diamonds available (updated weekly) or view a PDF of available CanadaMark diamonds

CanadaMark Melee Diamonds for Sale

It is possible to purchase smaller sizes of CanadaMark Diamonds. Although small Diamond do not include the CanadaMark card, we sell limited quantities of small Diamonds—perfect for jewellers and hobbyists to include in jewellery commissions. We never unseal parcels which arrive directly from the cutter in sealed CanadaMark bags for your reassurance. Browse our live inventory below and contact us with the reference if you would like to purchase one of the following Diamond parcels. 

Showing a typical GIA certificate and CanadaMark card showing the rough and polished weight, and traceable CanadaMark number inscribed. 

The Diavik Mine

The Diavik Diamond Mine is Canada’s largest Diamond mine in terms of carat production. Diavik was established following the discovery of four Diamond-bearing deposits, called kimberlite pipes, in 1994 and 1995.

The mine site is located in Canada’s remote wilderness on a 12 mile square island, at Lac de Gras, Northwest Territories, approximately 185 miles from Yellowknife, the territorial capital, and just 136 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

The Ekati Mine

The Ekati mine is located in in the Lac de Gras region of the Northwest Territories, approximately 185 miles northeast of Yellowknife, Canada. The name means 'Fat Lake.' It is Canada's first surface and underground mine in production since 1998.

BHP Billiton completed the sale of its Diamonds business, comprising its interests in the EKATI Diamond Mine and Diamonds Marketing operations, to Dominion Diamond Corporation (formerly Harry Winston Diamond Corporation).

Photographs from the Diavik Mine

The following photographs are a collection of images, relating the region and mining operations of the Diavik mine. 

Aerial view of the Diavik mine in Summer, surrounded by the extensive Lac de Gras. Copyright © 2014 Rio Tinto.

Diavik mine wind farm and environmental protection through re-vegetation studies.