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The Lucida Style Engagement Ring Setting

The Lucida setting is a term some people use to describe the X-prong or cross-over settings for Engagement Rings.

Tiffany & Co. branded this specific term for their collection. The name refers to the brightest star in any particular constellation and is also the latin word for "clear." The design has led to a great deal of popularity in this style of Diamond Engagement Rings in recent years. The Diamond is a brilliant style of cut and is a modern classic amongst Diamonds. It has approx. 50 facets and a very high crown. The ring design that was chosen to showcase this particular Diamond was the ring style now associated with the term Lucida Engagement Ring.

Popular Lucida Styled Engagement Rings

The following designs are inspired by the Lucida styling and feature cross-over claws in timeless solitaire ring designs.

Variations and the X-Prong Style

As with other ring styles, the Lucida ring style has many variations and designs exist that can accommodate Princess cut Diamonds, Round Brilliant cut Diamonds, or even radiant or cushion cuts.

We have a selection of designs featuring the sweeping cross-over claw setting. The Diamond is held neatly within a four claw setting maximising the simplicity that is characteristic of many Tiffany styles, whilst allowing the light to work within the stone, maximising brilliance.

We are happy to set such designs with your choice of fancy Diamond shapes, from Asscher, to Radiant, Cushion to Princess cut, or even your traditional Round Brilliant cut Diamond. We ensure that you receive your perfect Lucida style of Engagement Ring, made to your exact specifications.