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The Tiffany Setting - The Tiffany Ring & Tiffany Engagement Rings

The World's most popular engagement ring setting.

Most people recognise the name. Tiffany's is perhaps the most well-known jewellery store in the World. Women instantly recognise the iconic Tiffany blue box. In fact, the colour 'Tiffany Blue' now describes the brand colour. Many buyers prize an item of jewellery purchased from Tiffany and Co. Furthermore, the name has become a status symbol for the modern age. Generations recognise the name. But Tiffany and Co. became famous long before Audrey Hepburn appeared as Holly Golightly in the 1961 Hollywood movie, "Breakfast at Tiffany's." 

Origins of The Tiffany Setting

In 1886 Charles L. Tiffany introduced the Tiffany setting to World-renowned jewellers Tiffany & CoThe original design featured six claws (or prongs) within a ring in Platinum. Each claw surrounded a single diamond above a Platinum band. This simple setting became the classic solitaire diamond engagement ring. Simple, elegant and the most popular choice of diamond setting. Today, we create Tiffany styled settings in many precious metals including White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum. 

Who was Charles Lewis Tiffany?

Charles Lewis Tiffany was a nineteenth-century leader in the American jewellery trade and founded New York City's Tiffany & Co. in 1837. Known for his jewellery expertise, Tiffany created the country's first retail catalogue and introduced the English standard of sterling silver in imported jewellery in 1851. 

In 1837, with $1,000 borrowed from his father, Charles and a school friend, John B. Young (the brother of Charles' wife, Harriet), set up a small stationery and gift shop in New York City, Tiffany and Young. Can you imagine that their first three days in business brought them only $4.38 in total sales? Two years later they were still in business, selling glassware, porcelain, cutlery, clocks and jewellery.

Close up of the Tiffany ring design

Prong Settings or Claw Settings

Prong setting is the US term for Claw setting in the UK. The term Prong setting features on many US-based websites. Jewellers such as Blue Nile and James Allen, use this term. Most jewellers understand the term Prong setting or Claw setting depending on which you prefer to use. 

What is a Tiffany diamond?

Tiffany diamonds are responsibly sourced. Tiffany and Co. work to ethical standards. A genuine Tiffany engagement ring includes a Tiffany diamond, certified by Tiffany and Co. By comparison, our Tiffany styled rings include diamonds sourced from the same mines. In particular, the Ekati and Diavik Mines. For example, our CanadaMark diamonds provide the same 100% ethical reassurances as a Tiffany diamond. Tiffany works with various clarity grades, but most examples we see include and excellent cut. By comparison, our CanadaMark diamonds include GIA certification with the option to choose an excellent cut, excellent polish and excellent symmetry. Love deserves a unique diamond; an ethical diamond, cut to realise the beauty and perfection of a diamond. 

Tiffany and the Platinum Setting

Platinum was a rare and expensive metal even then. The whiteness and resistance to wear made Platinum the perfect precious metal for the Tiffany setting. This style of setting became more and more popular over time. It offered security for the Diamond. In addition, it allowed sufficient light to enter the stone. 

One of the engagement ring features of a Tiffany setting includes the elevation of the diamond— raised above the finger. This lets more light into the diamond. Both the Tiffany setting and use of Platinum were adopted for Diamond Engagement Rings. This combination provides a simple yet highly effective method of securing the stone. The simplicity of Tiffany set engagement rings to make them a very popular choice. As we say in jewellery...less is more.

What does the Tiffany setting look like?

Take a look at the Tiffany style engagement ring below. Whilst this is not 'the' Tiffany setting, some buyers favour this as a close alternative. Inspired by Tiffany settings, the design features six simple claws around a central round brilliant-cut diamond. Most popular for brilliant diamonds, variations exist for other shapes. 

Are Tiffany settings safe for diamonds? 

Owing to six evenly spaced claws around the diamond, Tiffany style engagement rings offer safety and protection for the diamond. Platinum gives strength to the setting. Settings with four claws give less protection. Visually, 6 claws give a circular appearance, whereas 4 claws give a squared look to a setting. 

Common questions about the Tiffany Setting

How much does a Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring cost?

Prices vary for the Tiffany setting. The price depends on the diamond size, colour and clarity used. An authentic Tiffany engagement ring (from Tiffany and Co.) will be very expensive compared to the same diamond set into a Tiffany-style setting provided by another jeweller. 

What is a typical Tiffany engagement ring price?

Many buyers ask us what the typical Tiffany engagement ring price is? Much depends on whether they choose a genuine Tiffany engagement ring. Or, whether they require a Tiffany style engagement ring. Between the two, a considerable price difference exists. In addition, the choice of diamond size and quality affects the price. In addition, the choice of the metal affects cost. 18k Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum make popular choices with Platinum settings. 

The above Tiffany style ring design starts at £850 with a 0.25cts 4mm diamond set in Platinum. The price varies depending on the diamond size and quality chosen. 

Choosing a diamond for your Tiffany inspired setting

We provide a full choice of diamonds. As diamond experts, we offer clients three services. Firstly, natural certified diamonds. Most include full GIA certification. Next, we provide lab-grown diamonds—a less expensive alternative. Finally, we offer natural ethical CanadaMark diamonds. These originate from the same ethical mines where Tiffany & Co source their diamonds. For this reason, we create 100% ethical engagement rings made with 100% ethical lab-grown or natural diamonds

Is it possible to buy a Tiffany setting and personal inscription in the ring?

Absolutely. We have many styles inspired by Tiffany designs. In addition, we can add a personal inscription by laser engraving into the ring. Choose your diamond setting and a personal message for engraving within the band of the ring. 

Tiffany style settings without a diamond

To purchase a Tiffany engagement ring setting without the diamond, in Platinum, the price varies between £550 to £800 depending on the size of your diamond. If we set your diamond, there is a further charge of £25.00. In addition, the valuation report on the final ring costs an optional £30.00. Finally, we can provide insurance for your diamond sent to us for the setting. Contact us for more help on this service. 

How many prongs or claws does a Tiffany Setting have?

The classic Tiffany setting was a 6 prong Engagement Ring. However, the term has been coined for simple 4 claw settings for a variety of different Diamond shapes. 

How wide is a Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring?

A Tiffany setting with a round brilliant-cut half-carat Diamond measures around 5.5mm across the setting from claw to claw. The diamond has a diameteer of 5mm. The band on most Tiffany style engagement rings has a width of 2.5mm. An authentic Tiffany engagement ring from Tiffany and Co. typically features a knife-edged profile on the shoulders of the ring, just below the setting. 

Bespoke Tiffany style rings

You deserve a unique ring. For this reason, our bespoke engagement ring service makes any unique ring design to order. Individually crafted, we design, create, set and finish your ring. Clients receive CAD designs before work commences as part of our process. Alternatively we create any of our regular designs. Just choose your ring with your choice of diamond. Please allow 4 weeks for a regular design and 5-6 weeks for a bespoke ring design. 

What is the difference between a Tiffany setting and a Tiffany Engagement Ring?

Buyers should not get confused between a genuine Tiffany engagement ring and a Tiffany style setting made by other jewellers. The term 'Tiffany Setting' has become as generic a term as 'Hoover' or 'Ketchup' over many years of usage. Most jewellers carry a Tiffany style setting. Care should be taken with use of the term. A recent legal battle demonstrated the danger of referring to designs with the term Tiffany. The legal battle took place between Tiffany and Costco just a few years ago. 

Tiffany in 2017 won an award of $8.25 million in punitive damages plus $11.1 million in tripled lost profits damages. The district court had found that Costco acted in bad faith by using the term “Tiffany” in display signs to describe the rings’ setting style. [Read more on this here.]

R1D077 shown set with a 2.00 carat diamond

Solitaire Settings

Fancy shaped diamond solitaire settings with the Tiffany style.

In addition to classic round brilliant-cut Tiffany style engagement rings, we have various styles suitable for fancy shaped diamonds. These include Princess cut diamonds, Emerald cut diamonds, Marquise cut diamonds, Oval brilliant cut diamonds and Heart shaped diamonds to name just a few alternatives. In addition, we have more detailed designs with the addition of diamond set shoulders. 

Wedding Bands for Tiffany Rings

Over the years, we have created wedding bands to fit genuine Tiffany rings. For example, one of our clients struggled to find a wedding ring to fit their Tiffany setting. As a result, they discovered our blog article on the Tiffany Ribbon Ring. With this in mind, they contacted us for help. Working with our bespoke design service, we created a suitable shaped ring. 

Creating the shaped wedding ring for the Tiffany Ribbon ring

The Tiffany Ribbon ring requires a specially shaped band to fit. Most of our shaped bands include full CAD design support. In addition, we factor in any specific style details requested. The finished ring demonstrates the high quality consistent with Tiffany and Co. This design has been crafted as a gold wedding band and as a Platinum wedding band. 

Showing the finished wedding band shaped to fit the Ribbon ring

Famous jewellery designers 

Tiffany and Co take centre stage with some of the World's leading jewellery designers. For example, Elsa Peretti. Peretti’s focus on design captivated the world after her collaboration with Tiffany and Co from 1974. She changed the place of diamonds in fashion for everyday wear and elevating the status of sterling silver.