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The Tiffany Setting

The iconic ring design that continues to inspire generations of jewellery designers

Tiffany & Co. are perhaps the most famous and well-known jewellery company. Their jewellery is famous and aspirational. Their legacy began centuries ago. Today their designs meet with worldwide recognition. Besides the classic Tiffany setting, the company has introduced new designs including the Tiffany Soleste Engagement Ting, Tiffany Harmony Engagement Ring and Tiffany Ribbon Ring. 

The Origin of The Tiffany Setting

The Tiffany Setting was introduced in 1886 by the Charles L. Tiffany of the World renowned jewellers Tiffany & CoThe original design was a simple arrangement of six claws (or prongs) made from Platinum. The claws combined to form the setting, securing and protecting the Diamond. The setting itself was joined to a plain, Platinum band.

Platinum was a rare and expensive metal even then. The whiteness and resistance to wear made Platinum the perfect precious metal for the Tiffany setting. This style of setting became more and more popular since it offered security for the Diamond and allowed sufficient light to enter the stone. In the Tiffany setting, the Diamond is raised above the finger allowing more light to enter the stone. Both the Tiffany setting and the use of Platinum were universally adopted for Diamond Engagement Rings and both have become the ultimate setting for a Diamond, providing a simple yet highly effective method of securing the stone.

What does the Tiffany setting look like?

Symmetry & Security

There are many alternative designs all variations of the Tiffany setting. Some appear more minimal by surrounding the Diamond with four claws. Other designs demonstrate more elaborate shoulders with the use of small Diamond accents. The rationale behind six claws was security, retaining the Diamond at six equal points around the Diamond. Symmetry is such a crucial aspect of the polished Diamond.  Evenly spaced claws around the Diamond compliment this without reducing the beauty of the stone.

Common questions about the Tiffany Setting

How much does a Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring cost?

If you are interested in purchasing a Tiffany style Engagement Ring, prices vary depending on where you purchase the ring. Furthermore, prices will vary depending on your precious metal and Diamond size. In addition, an empty setting without the Diamond will be far less expensive than a complete ring. Decide which option you prefer. As a guide, our starting price for a Tiffany-styled Engagement Ring in 950 Platinum will be around £800 with a Diamond, and considerably less for the finished ring mount. 

How many prongs or claws does a Tiffany Setting have?

The classic Tiffany setting was a 6 prong Engagement Ring. However, the term has been coined for simple 4 claw settings for a variety of different Diamond shapes. 

How wide is a Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring?

A typical Tiffany style setting accommodating a 0.50 carat Diamond will be approximately 5.5mm across the setting from claw to claw, with a Diamond diameter of 5mm. The band itself may vary in width, but a standard Engagement Ring width for a substantial Tiffany style Engagement Ring will be around 2.5mm behind the finger, graduating at the shoulders towards the setting. 

What is the difference between a Tiffany setting and a Tiffany Engagement Ring?

A Tiffany Engagement Ring is produced by Tiffany & Co. The style will be based on their design catalogue. A Tiffany Engagement Ring will be far more expensive than many similar, or Tiffany inspired designs. However, to our knowledge, in the same way that we create Fairtrade Gold Engagement Ring—fully traceable with CanadaMark 100% ethical Diamonds, Tiffany & Co. create jewellery with 100% ethical and traceable materials. It should be noted that their brand name and legacy carry a large premium on sales with clients buying into the lifestyle and romance of owning a Tiffany & Co. Diamond Engagement Ring. 

R1D077 shown set with a 2.00 carat diamond

Tiffany Inspired Designs

At Serendipity Diamonds, we provide many different Engagement Rings that are all variations of the Tiffany style of setting. Each design provides an alternative choice, whilst retaining the essence of the original beauty of this setting style. We can even provide styles that incorporate a "Wedding Ring friendly fit." By lifting the setting away from the finger slightly, a Wedding Ring can fit flush against the Engagement Ring with no space between. Above all this style makes perfect use of the concept of simplifying the ring to allow focus to be on the Diamond itself.

Alternative Diamond Shapes

Princess cuts are not suitable for this same arrangement of six claws due to the shape being square. It is for this reason that a Tiffany style Princess cut setting has been devised. Again, many variations exist, but, stripped down to a simple, elegant mount with the same styling as the Tiffany setting, we see something similar to the designs above. The final image above is of one of our rings which incorporates a wider ring shank and is styled with crossover shanks. This is similar to one of the more modern of the Tiffany settings, again simple, elegant and perfectly formed.