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A Guide to Wedding Ring Profiles 

There is no such thing as a basic Wedding Ring. Unknown to many buyers, Wedding Ring styles are plentiful. The simplest style of plain Wedding Ring varies considerably by shape, depth and width. The cross-section or shape of a Wedding Band can reveal several different popular Wedding Ring styles which we have listed below. We have photographed each design alongside the cross-section to provide a clear idea of the more popular Wedding Ring profiles with a clear link to those styles on our shop section of the website. 

The Regular Court Wedding Ring

Best selling wedding ring design for 2014

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The regular court Wedding Rring is our best selling Wedding Ring design. It features a comfort fit – curved inner face and gently curved outer face. The medium weight works very well against Engagement Ring bands. Men have a tendency to choose wider widths (5mm being most popular). The ring is substantially weighted, available in most precious metal choices and above all VERY comfortable. 

Top tip: For wider Men's Wedding Rings, choose 950 Palladium as a lighter cost effective alternative to 950 Platinum. 

The D Shaped Wedding Ring

Substantial, lightweight and affordable 

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D Shape Wedding Rings have a rounded outer face with a distinctive domed appearance. The inner surface of the ring is flat against the finger. The shape resembles a capital letter "D." This is a softer shape with a rounded look. The flat inner surface makes this design popular for engravings. Heavier versions of this design fall into the 'heavyweight' category for added depth. 

The Flat Court Wedding Ring

Simple modern styling with clean modern lines

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The flat court Wedding Ring rolls onto the finger very easily – aided by the rounded comfort fit of the inner surface. This ring profile features a sleek flat outer face for a modern edge, making this a very popular style. Available in many widths and metal options, along with alternative styles varying from light weight to heavy weight.

Concave Wedding Rings

Uniquely styled with a comfort fit

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Concave Wedding Rings feature an inward curving outer surface. A complete opposite to the D shaped Wedding Ring. Concave Wedding Rings include a comfort fit, available in several widths. This style of ring is difficult to re-size – best kept in mind when considering different styles.