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Purchasing Jewellery by Layaway Plan

Please note that if you would like to apply for regular finance, for clients in the UK we now offer 12 months 0% APR finance, along with several options upto 48 months low interest finance for purchases over £500.00

What is Layaway?

Layaway offers buyers a payment plan before receiving items, unlike jewellery finance which involves a credit agreement typically provided by a third party financial institution such as a bank. Under the Layaway plan, buyers agree to pay over an agreed term but don't receive the item until full payment is made. In contrast, when finance is arranged for a purchase, items are sent once made and monthly payments are made for an agreed period of time after delivery. 

Layaway Jewellery at Serendipity Diamonds

At Serendipity Diamonds we offer a layaway method of payment for any item of jewellery. The system provides an affordable payment plan to enable you to carefully budget for your item of Diamond jewellery without the need for expensive credit schemes. We work flexibly with our clients to accommodate their needs and under the layaway system, regular payments can be made for a duration of up-to four months to work with your individual requirements. 

Who chooses Layaway to buy jewellery?

Layaway is used by clients who are unable to afford jewellery due to a poor credit status. Other clients, located outside the EU who would not qualify for UK finance choose Layaway. For any client who wishes to make a decision on an item of jewellery several months in advance, Layaway is a perfect way to make their purchase. 

Pros and Cons of Layaway for purchasing an item of jewellery

Layaway is perfect for : The layaway plan is ideal for anyone who has been declined or unable to arrange finance.

Advantage : No interest or free is charged for this service.

Disadvantage : Clients will only receive their jewellery once their final payment has been made. 

Requirements for layaway plans for diamond jewellery.

Minimum purchase price of £500.00 to qualify for this system. Or the equivalent in the total purchase price in other currencies. 

Client pays 25% deposit as a first payment. 

The balance is then divided between 3 - 4 monthly payments agreed in writing by email. 

Once the final payment is made by credit card, or bank transfer, we arrange delivery by secure courier. 

Layway purchases for International clients

International clients are welcome to purchase via Layaway. Furthermore, we can invoice the item and accept payment in most currencies. When we quote for any item, we include all tax and duty within the total cost. For this reason, there are no hidden charges upon delivery. We provide a clear breakdown of all charges on your itemised invoice and payments can be made electronically at any time. 

Early payment for jewellery purchased on a Layaway plan

If you wish to complete your purchase early, we are able to make delivery as soon as the balance is paid. Please contact us if you need any help during . before or after your order is placed. 

How to make your purchase under the Layaway plan.

If you would like to make your purchase by our Layaway payment plan, please contact us with all of the details of the item you would like to order. We will then discuss requirements and email across full details before creating your electronic invoice sent by email. Our invoice system includes bank details and payments can be made directly via our invoice by Stripe using a credit card, which includes American Express. 

Payments are generally made by credit or debit card by phone, or can be made by wire or Bank Transfer directly to our account. All payments are then confirmed on an updated invoice emailed to our client to revise the outstanding balance. No additional charges apply for this service.

Please call us +44 (0)1983 567283 to discuss your requirements further, or email us (

Layaway plans have been popular in the USA for many years, and we ourselves have been operating this way since 2007 where clients require a flexible method of purchasing an item. An Engagement Ring purchased by the layaway method is provided with the same refund/exchange reassurance as any other item of jewellery. Our only stipulation is that should an item be cancelled after one week of the deposit payment, all monies are refunded apart from a 5% fee to cover administrative and scrapping costs of the item we would have completed and aside for you. We offer a very wide range of Engagement Rings, in many styles, and each ring tends to be made to order, requiring approx. 3-6 weeks worth of work to produce the rings.

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