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Orion - Bespoke47

Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

This incredible bespoke lab-grown diamond engagement ring takes our Orion design, adding a large laboratory-grown diamond to a single claw and part bezel set in 950 Platinum.

Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Main Image

This is a bespoke product, it cannot be ordered directly. Please fill in this contact form if you would like something similar hand crafted just for you.

Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Created to hold a 1.66 carat lab-grown diamond, this bespoke lab-grown diamond engagement ring was crafted in 950 Platinum. The unique design of this solitaire ring comes from our Orion engagement ring. Contemporary, simple and stylish, the bespoke engagement ring showcases a beautiful laboratory-created diamond. 

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings look in every way just like a natural diamond engagement ring. Their hardness and durability, refraction and beauty remain consistent with a natural diamond. 

What are laboratory grown diamonds?

Laboratory grown diamonds give buyers a 100% ethical diamond choice. Lab created diamonds continue to soar in popularity. Firstly owing to their cost. As a rule of thumb, lab-grown diamond rings work out to approximately 50% less than a natural diamond engagement ring. 

A true lab-grown diamond looks identical to a natural diamond. In addition they follow the same diamond grading system with regards to whiteness and clarity. The identifying mark appears on the girdle. Laser engraved microscopically, each diamond shows a reference to laboratory grown for easy identification. 

Bespoke lab grown diamond engagement ring