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Platinum Aquamarine Ring

Crafted in Platinum, this elegant bespoke ring design features an Oval cut Aquamarine of outstanding quality. Crafted with a tension styled setting, the Aquamarine is held under tension between a mirror-polished Platinum solitaire design.

Platinum Aquamarine Ring  Main Image

This is a bespoke product, it cannot be ordered directly. Please fill in this contact form if you would like something similar hand crafted just for you.

Bespoke Platinum Aquamarine Ring

Styled in Platinum, this unique ring design was crafted individually for a local client living on the Isle of Wight. We designed a suitable setting around a 5.75ct oval shaped Aquamarine. The ring itself was inspired by our Annabelle engagement ring, CAD designed and adapted to suit the gemstone. Firstly, we worked with the Aquamarine's dimensions to create a CAD design. Next, images were sent to our client to approve the ring design. Taking approximately 5 weeks, the ring was cast from a model of the CAD design. The finished ring mount received an exceptional mirror-polish to contrast with the incredible blue of the gemstone. View our video of the finished ring below and contact us for more help and guidance on any of our Platinum Aquamarine ring styles. We create any bespoke design, or provide Aquamarine rings based on variations of our regular diamond engagement ring styles. 

Why choose Platinum for your Aquamarine ring?

Platinum is a wonderful choice for setting gemstones. In this instance, the Aquamarine contrasts with the natural whiteness of the Platinum. In addition, the the strength provided by Platinum offers security and a substantial feel to the ring. Combined with a mirror polish, the overall look of the ring exudes luxury and sophistication. At the same time, the design remains simple and understated. 

The difference between light blue and dark blue Aquamarine?

Some clients prefer a light blue Aquamarine. Conversely, other clients choose a darker blue. But, did you know that the finest colour is a deeper blue? To explain, some of the World's finest Aquamarines are described as Santa Maria. This colour differs from paler Aquamarines. As a result, the size, cut and depth of colour create enormous variations in price. 

Bespoke tension style Aquamarine ring in Platinum