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Pink Gold & Rose Gold Engagement and Wedding Rings

In recent years, the demand for Pink Gold Engagement Rings has risen dramatically. We decided to create this page to clarify the options for Pink Gold and to make suggestions to any person looking for an alternative to the classic White Gold Engagement Ring. A proportion of online images, inaccurately represent 'Rose Gold' — frequently portrayed in stronger pink hues than we would expect. The truth is that Pink Gold, is best represented by the accurate Copper hue that is more faithful to the finished item. Most of our photography is colour corrected to ensure a perfect representation of the colour seen in the finished item.

The Unity solitaire design features pink Rose Gold, in subtle copper hues, accurately photographed here within the ring box.

The Rise in Popularity for Pink Gold

The rise in popularity of the Rose Gold iPhone has spurred interest in the Pink Gold option for bridal jewellery (especially Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings.) Tiffany and Co. introduced a pink variation known as Rubedo with a hint of pink over the regular copper hue of Rose Gold, but traditionally Rose Gold features as the main option for buyers seeking a precious metal colour closer to Pink than the traditional Yellow Gold and White Gold variations.

Tickled pink Diamond Engagement Ring shown in the 18ct Rose Gold variation.

What is Pink Gold made from?

The traditional Pink Gold alloy is 18ct Rose Gold. This is 75% pure Gold, alloyed with copper and Silver to create the distinctive pinkish-Copper hue. Most of our ring designs can be created in Rose Gold or in combinations such as Rose Gold with a White Gold setting. Adding a White Gold setting enhances the Diamond size and is generally a more popular option unless the ring design is a single piece and is cast as a one part ring mount.

Creating a Pink Themed Engagement Ring

It is possible to create a pink themed Engagement Ring with some thought and consideration to both gem and precious metal combinations. Adding Pink Sapphires to the design, within a band of Rose Gold can dramatically increase the pink content of your engagement ring. Pink Sapphires are available in shades from pale pink to intense purple pink—the latter of which are the better quality option. One of our most popular Pink Diamond Engagement Rings happens to be the Tickled pink engagement ring which remains a constant best seller. 

Pink Gold Wedding Rings

We create Pink Gold/Rose Gold Wedding Rings in pretty much any width, style and finger size. We can even create Pink Gold wedding rings in Fairtrade Gold, knowing the origin of all metals going into the alloy, even the Copper used within the Wedding Rings. Most designs are available with an optional polished or satin finish and include optional customisation by laser engraving

This pair of Wedding Rings created in Pink Rose Gold, include faithfully laser engraved writing, and a fingerprint within the band.

How to Commission a Ring

Most of our designs are available in the 18ct Rose Gold option. If you see one of our ring designs without this option, please feel free to email, message or to chat with us below, specifying the ring name or code. We can confirm if this will be available in a Rose Gold alloy. We routinely create custom made jewellery with any gemstone and precious metal combination and we would be more than happy to provide a detailed quotation on any design in Pink Gold.