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Antique & Vintage Engagement Ring Design

What are Vintage Engagement Rings?

It is important to firstly qualify the difference between new vintage vs true vintage for engagement rings. 

True vintage Diamond Engagement Rings are pre-worn, antique rings. Many rings exhibit wear, but both Diamond and setting are original. Evidence of repair might be visible. Many vintage Diamond ring designs were created in Platinum. True vintage rings typically show a natural patina acquired with gradual wear over many years. 

Are New Vintage Rings Better?

Many clients seek the vintage styling, with the reassurance of a brand new ring, and 30 day warranty. A wide range of alternative materials exist for new rings with vintage styling. Art Deco engagement rings remain very popular. We can also accommodate modern Brilliant cut Diamonds with increased brilliance. You can also be assured of the origin of you ring, and metal choice with a current UK hallmark applied to the inside of your ring. 

Old Cut Diamonds

If you would like us to faithfully create a vintage ring design, we can either re-set vintage diamonds (e.g Old Mine Cuts, Victorian Cuts) or we can supply antique Diamonds. Other Diamond shapes are perfectly suited to antique jewellery styles. Modern Cushion cut Diamonds are perfectly suited to antique Diamond rings. The unique pillow shape of this stone remains one of the most popular vintage styled Diamond cuts available. 

The Cushion Cut

The image above shows a loose cushion cut Diamond. The name originates from the pillow like appearance of the Diamond and gives each ring a classic look that is hard to achieve with more modern cuts of Diamond. These work very well within four claw settings, as either simple solitaire designs, or as part of a larger, and more elaborate vintage style Engagement Ring, such as the cluster. Since each cushion is brilliant cut, the faceting allows a significant amount of brilliance from the stone. Even after a century, this cut of Diamond remains popular. It has romantic connections and a definite antique look to it, making it perfect for a retro style of ring. Modern cushion cuts have also been called "Candlelight Diamonds" due to their romantic connection. The name describes the simple shape, which is quite literally a square pillow shape with softened edges and brilliant style faceting. This can be square, or rectangular and modern versions are better proportioned, and less deep, providing a larger appearance, from older, deeply cut examples.

Vintage Cluster Rings

Many of the Diamond clusters provide a vintage feel to the style, reminiscent of the decadence of the 1920's - 1930's, when elaborate Art Deco Engagement Rings were produced. Still highly collectable, such pieces by Cartier are sought by collectors across the world. Shown below are a few different styles which we feel are vintage Engagement Rings styled in a traditional way, but produced with highly refined modern skills using beautifully proportioned modern cut Diamonds with precision setting techniques, refined in the UK.

Vintage Halo Engagement Rings

Our concern here, it must be stressed, is not with true antique Diamond rings, but with designs that take stylish elements from genuine antique designs. Weaving Heritage design into new, bolder designs that carry a vintage style to them such as the new halo ring styles.

 A piece of jewellery can say a lot about the wearer, and each piece worn, is a very personal experience. For this reason, many people wishing to capture the elegance of designers such as Winston, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, Webb, or Vedura, at a more realistic price, can achieve the antique feel but with better proportioned Diamonds cut with modern Diamond cutting and polishing techniques.