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0.78ct, G VVS1, GIA, CanadaMark Diamond Engagement Ring

Serendipity signature ring, with the stunning lotus flower detailling.

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Serendipity Engagement Ring
Serendipity Engagement Ring Side View
The Serendipity Ring, Shown on the Finger

Serendipity - Lotus Flower

Enjoy beauty every day with our Serendipity Lotus flower design, a handcrafted classic and timeless four-claw setting, with lotus flower detailing, skillfully positioned above solid court profile shoulders. The four claws are carefully aligned to cradle the fully ethical, CanadaMark, GIA Certified diamond.

This ethically sourced G Colour, VVS1 Clarity, 0.78cts, Excellent Cut, polish and Symmetry beautifully complements this already striking piece of jewellery that is impeccable from every angle. 

Available for immediate dispatch, beautifully gift wrapped and a packaged and delivered to your door. 

GIA certification 

The above diamond grading certificate comes with your purchase, as a hard copy included within your document wallet. The certificate has been produced by the Gemological Institute of America and includes information such as the diamond cut grade, polish and symmetry. For guidance on any of these details, please contact a member of our friendly team. 

CanadaMark authentication. 

You can authenticate your diamond by visiting the CanadaMark website. Enter the polished diamond weight ( 0.78 ) and unique CanadaMark serial number CM-324826 to view the original electronic copy on the CanadaMark database. The CanadaMark serial number ensures your diamond is traced from the mine to the final cut diamond, verifying the ethical sourcing and true origin of the diamond. 

Authenticate CanadaMark diamond

Copy and paste the CM-number above, then enter this with the polished diamond weight when authenticating your diamond.

With a CanadaMark diamond engagement ring, your diamond has been tracked all of the way from the mine. It has been given a unique serial number - the CanadaMark which is laser etched onto the girdle of your diamond. CanadaMark diamonds originate from the Ekati and Diavik mines of Canada's Northwest Territory. Possessing exceptional lustre, colour and clarity, each rough diamond has been meticulously cut – resulting in a diamond with excellent cut, polish and symmetry grades. Each CanadaMark diamond engagement ring includes the prestige of a GIA diamond grading certificate to verify the specifications of your diamond. 

A CanadaMark diamond enables you to specify where your diamond originated – and that it was responsibly mined and exceptionally cut. We deliver the very best diamond within your perfect ring design expertly backed by our professional service. 

What's in the box?

Your engagement ring will arrive with the following included within the parcel. 

  • Your CanadaMark diamond engagement ring
  • CanadaMark information card
  • Original GIA diamond certificate
  • Valuation for insurance

Guidance on diamond size

Use our interactive diamond size guide below to see diamond shapes and sizes on the finger. Select your preferred shape and carat weight (right). Use the menu for more information on diamond size and choose skin tone. 

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Need help?

If you have any questions about this item, or if you need any additional help, please get in touch at any time. Since we're not always open during Australian daylight hours, feel free to fire across an email or message via our online system. We'd be really glad to help offer any guidance you might need. 

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What to expect when your engagement ring arrives. 

All engagement rings shipped to Australia, arrive securely boxed by FEDEX delivery. We ship daily across Australia to clients in most regions including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. All items arrive in a secure outer wrapper with solid inner box revealing all documentation, the presentation box with engagement ring and pocket box. Clients in Australia benefit from 100% secure, fully insured shipping which takes around 2 days from when we despatch your item. 

Above photographs show how a typical engagement ring is delivered. Beautifully boxed. Lift out the upper section to reveal the document folder and items within a wooden inner tray. Accompanied by the proposal pocket box. 

Buy with Confidence across Australia

With friendly expert guidance, our friendly team are always on hand to help before or after your purchase. We are affiliated with the Gemmological Institute of Australia and work to a strict code of conducts. All purchases are backed by a lifetime warranty and most items are delivered with 60 days returns for your total reassurance. 

A Note on Diamond Cut Grade

One of the questions we are asked frequently relates to the cut grade of our diamonds. Australian clients are particularly interested in purchasing a beautifully cut diamond. For this reason we set our minimum cut grade standard at "VERY GOOD" to ensure maximum brilliance, fire and scintillation. Where applicable this cut grade will be evident on accompanying certification alongside other details including carat weight, colour and clarity. For certification we favour GIA amongst some of the World's most respected diamond grading laboratories. 

Complete reassurance for all clients in Australia.....

Complete before and after-sales support 

60 days returns (see notes)

Free shipping to Australia by FEDEX with luxury packaging (see notes)

Free insurance valuation in $AUD  (see notes)

Free ring size adjustment   (see notes) 

Lifetime warranty (see notes)

Independent diamond certificate (read details)

Minimum standard of a 'very good' diamond cut 

Serendipity Engagement RingSerendipity Engagement Ring Side ViewThe Serendipity Ring, Shown on the Finger